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Q&A about Narita food
Who is Narita?
This is the first food brand created by our company, providing OEM reference, authorization, and confidence in building our products.
So far, we mainly provide a wide variety of food for Russia's largest food company, and also provide high-end goods for Auchan, such as soy sauce, noodles, rice noodles, mustard and seaweed, etc.
What products can Narita offer?
We participate in major exhibitions every year, we will release relevant itineraries, we can contact us at the exhibition, or we can send us emails and phone calls in our daily time. You can view them on our official contact page.
We are based in Guangzhou, China. It is the third largest city in China. It has strong commercial resources and food processing plants. It is very convenient for transportation to Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
How can I contact us?
Where is our office?